Denver Blogs: It's never too early to start thinking about baseball

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We're cruising Denver blogs like hookers on Colfax, if hookers could be explored with RSS.  See something worth blogging? Send it here.

Aspen Mountain is open, but the town is apparently empty. Perhaps people are just busy having their furs dry-cleaned? (5280's Elevated Voices)

The Colorado Springs Gazette's editorial board supports gay marriage? Huh? (Colorado Pols)

Chris Matthews isn't the only blowhard considering a career in politics. Some Coloradans are having similar fantasies. (Face the State)

Just because baseball season doesn't start for four months doesn't mean it's too early for a painstakingly detailed look at the Rockies' defense and how it fits into the National League West. Actually, it does. But Denver's best Rockies bloggers did it anyway. (Purple Row)

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