Ernie Bjorkman's transition from anchorman to vet technician makes the New York Times

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ernie bjorkman at the dnc.jpg

How typical: Ernie Bjorkman, a Denver-area anchorman for more than a quarter-century, finally gets some national exposure -- less than two weeks before he leaves the profession for good.

In the October 23 Message column "Channels 2 and 31 Mix It Up in Denver," Bjorkman (seen above in a shot from the Democratic National Convention alongside current co-anchor Kellie MacMullan) talked about his ouster from Channel 2 in the wake of a de facto merger with longtime rival Channel 31, as well as his plan to become a veterinary technician rather than to seek another TV job. That enormous change obviously grabbed the attention of at least one New York Times writer, who used Bjorkman's experience to frame a trend article headlined "A Generation of Local TV Anchors Is Signing Off."

This sort of publicity might've gotten Bjorkman a raise -- if his last broadcast hadn't already been scheduled for December 12, that is. -- Michael Roberts

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