Melo on Young Hollywood, Chris Bosh on getting crushed by the Nuggets

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These are good times for the Denver Nuggets. The squad is playing team basketball, and the results have been breathtaking at times: Witness last night's 132-93 dismantling of the Toronto Raptors. No wonder Carmelo Anthony is so gleeful in an interview with held at the November 20 launch party for his newest shoe, the Jordan Melo M5. In the clip, Anthony still seems a little conflicted about the departure of Allen Iverson, but he rightly praises Denver's own Chauncey Billups, who has transformed the Nugs in mere weeks. As for the disappearance of his cornrows, he explains by rubbing his head and declaring, "Obama 2008." Click below to see the video, as well as bonus footage of Raptors star Chris Bosh looking shell-shocked over the shellacking his team suffered at the Pepsi Center a few short hours ago. -- Michael Roberts

The Carmelo Anthony interview from

The Chris Bosh interview, December 2:

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