The blog shortcut, January 6 edition

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Now... where were we?

Today in Backbeat Online:
Apples in Stereo energize Pepsi's new ad campaign.
Hello Kavita checks in from the studio.
The new, improved Aubrey Collins.
Mile High Makeout: My head is spinning.
Rap-up: DJ Sabotage makes the finals for Scion Hypeman contest.
Step into the Waybac Machine with Faith No More.

Today in Cafe Society:
Another Star to shine in Broomfield.
Red Robin just keeps bobbing along.
Update: Frasca's move.

Today in The Latest Word:
Layoffs aplenty at Westword's fellow Village Voice Media papers.
• Required reading by Amber Taufen, Adam Cayton-Holland and Lisa Rab.
Some remarks about snarkiness.
New ski move spotted at Vail: "The Pants-less Hangman."
Give a hand to our Denver Nuggets-Indiana Pacers slideshow. Carmelo Anthony could use one. -- Michael Roberts

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