More from yesterday's State Capitol Obama protest: Michelle Malkin with "Swastika Guy"

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swastika guy.jpg

The photos captured by Melanie Asmar for "Colorado Conservatives' Porkiest Anti-Stimulus Protest Ever," a blog about a State Capitol rally yesterday, were plenty weird -- but as a commenter to that post pointed out, they were nowhere as jaw-slackening as the image above, captured by ProgressNow Colorado and initially published on this page of the Daily Kos. The so-called "Swastika Guy" seen posing with beaming Fox News commentator Michelle Malkin also popped up in Channel 31's coverage of the assemblage, but there was no mention of the prominent symbol he sported in the report. Apparently, editors assumed no viewer would be surprised to see a man with a swastika at an event attacking Barack Obama's policies -- one that also attracted Dick Wadhams, head of the Colorado Republican Party, former congressman Tom Tancredo and other supposedly mainstream political figures.

Ho hum? More like WTF...

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