Ten more things that should be named after Barack Obama other than Boulder High School

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At 3:30 p.m. this afternoon, students at Boulder High School will explain why they think the institution should be renamed in honor of President Barack Obama. Since the whole world (or at least Fox News) will be listening, we're hoping the speakers will consider suggesting some other things whose monikers should be changed to honor our current commander-in-chief, too. And if they're short on ideas, we've come up with some worthy ones, from Colorado and beyond:

10. Red Baracks Amphitheater.
9. Instead of Alabama, Al-Obama.
8. Wouldn't residents of Castle Rock rather live in Castle Barack?
7. Starring in Race to Witch Mountain: Dwayne "The Barack" Johnson.
6. Rock Band? No, video-gamers -- Barack Band.
5. Colorado's favorite hip-hop duo: 3Obama!3.
4. Betcha the Justice Department would intervene to save the Baracky Mountain News...
3. Big O(bama) Tires.
2. The next Sylvester Stallone classic: Baracky VII: The Revenge of Apollo Creed.
1. The pride of Major League Baseball, the Colorado Barackies. Yes, we can!

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