The blog shortcut, March 9 edition

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Cut Off Your Hands -- which is the name of a band, not a reference to a scene in Watchmen.

Here are some things we published not too long ago...

Today in Backbeat Online:
Over the Weekend: Cut Off Your Hands at the hi-dive.
Over the Weekend: Tauntaun and Kingdom of Magic at the Bluebird.

Today in Cafe Society:
Prime (rib) time at Dazzle.
A Milking It review of Frosted Flakes Gold.
Zolo mixing a meal with mezcal.
Say hi to Hi*Rise.
Lime, Cheeky Monk head for the hills.

Today in The Latest Word:
James Meadow, RIP.
Don't expect this week's trial to resolve the Ward Churchill case.
Adam Lerner's start gets dumber: Cartoon labrador mars photo of MCA's building.
Former enemies Penny Parker and Bill Husted finding ways to co-exist at the Denver Post.
Major behind-the-scenes shuffling at the Denver Post. It's dealer's choice.

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