The blog shortcut, March 13 edition

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danielle ate the sandwich.jpg
Danielle Ate the Sandwich. Yeah, that's her name. Wanna do somethin' about it?

This Friday the 13th isn't even remotely scary.

Today in Backbeat Online:
Meet Danielle Ate the Sandwich, your new favorite singer-songwriter.
New Heavyweight Dub Champion album features KRS-One, Killah Priest.
Enjoy 1,200 songs free courtesy of SXSW.
Freaky Friday: Thru You by Kutiman.

Today in Cafe Society:
Rock and soul tonight -- with chile and wine.
Fuel Cafe gases up for extended dinner hours.
The Arvada Tavern is back in business.
Candy Girls: Reese's Milk Chocolate Layered Cookies.
Journalists battle it out over chili.

Today in The Latest Word:
Medical-marijuana hearing gets delayed as pot-fueled opposition grows.
Channel 31, the Ward Churchill trial and shrinking TV-news resources.
The bigger the nuisance, the tougher the fix.
Channel 2 general manager Dennis Leonard on layoffs, a prime-time shift and the concept behind "The Deuce."
Shmucks of the Week: McDaniels and Cutler. Go team!

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