The blog shortcut, March 17 edition

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jonathan shikes looking good.jpg
Westword managing editor Jonathan Shikes celebrates his fortieth birthday by getting loaded on the job. Nice work if you can get it.

What the hell does "begorra" mean, anyway?

Today in Cafe Society:
Live blogging St. Patrick's Day from the Fainting Goat: Happy Birthday to me!
Centro dinner pairs Chilean wine.
A quick sketch of Sketch.
Go for the green today -- the green chile at La Fiesta.
Chuck E. Cheese's wants you to snap.

Today in Backbeat Online:
The Dream grabs top spot at Independent Records.
The Omens best seller at Wax Trax.
Phish announces four dates at Red Rocks.

Today in The Latest Word:
David Sirota carries no water on AM 760.
Lend your vaccum at your own risk, Denverites.
The long, long journey to an all-inclusive Justice Center.
How I accidentally celebrated St. Patrick's Day.
Your St. Patrick's Day mission: Get as drunk as this guy... But afterwards, don't drive yourself home. For God's sake, don't... drive... yourself... home!

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