Who wants a job with the City of Denver as a lifeguard, crime analyst, painter, planner or intern?

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The City of Denver budget has gone under the knife for 2009, but some sweet (and relatively secure) municipal jobs remain up for grabs. Currently, the city's Career Services is listing several openings, ranging from golf course supervisors (salary: $44,989-$71,775) to marketing interns (salary: $0).

There's even a posting for painters at Denver International Airport at $52,552 per year! Unemployed people, start your résumé-padding. Listings shown after the jump.

Job: Advanced Lifeguard On Call. Salary: $9.89/Hour

Job: Crime Analyst.
Salary: $45,874-$73,181

Job: Challenge Course Instructor.
Salary: $13.52-$19.74

Job: Business Manager.
Salary: $56,031-$89,409

Job: Denver's Division of Theatres and Arenas Marketing and Communications Intern

Job: Data Analysis Unit Director
Salary: $64,030-$102,184

Job: Executive Manager DIA (Deputy Manager of Aviation
for Planning and Development)
Salary: $101,420-$161,814

Job: Executive Manager DIA (Deputy Manager of Aviation
for Technology)

Job: Forensic Pathology Fellow Intern
Salary: $72,321.60

Job: Golf Park Seasonal Laborer
Salary: $10.76/Hour

Job: Golf Starter/Ranger
Salary: $7.65-$9.76 hourly

Job: A HR Supervisor -- Employee Relations/Operations (CSA+P&R)
Salary: $64,030-$102,184

Job: Judicial Assistant III
Salary: $37,742-$55,134

Job: Lead Information Technology Internal Auditor
Salary: $58,576-$93,482

Job: Overland Park Golf Course Superintendent (Operations Supervisor)
Salary: $44,989-$71,775

Job: Painter Facility (DIA -- Journeyperson)
Salary: $36,021-$52,552

Job: Performance Audit Supervisor
Salary: $66,951-$106,838

Job: Principal City Planner -- Historic Preservation
Salary: $59,473-$94,875

Job: Project Inspector -- Transportation Construction
Salary: $48,686-$77,665

Job: Recreation Aide/Golf Course Aide
Salary: $7.28-$8.03 hourly

Job: Senior Accountant
Salary: $47,959-$76,514

Job: Senior Engineer TES-ITS
Salary: $77,665-$123,903

Job: Supervisor of Admin Support 1 (DIA-Customer Services)
Salary: $36,905-$58,940

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