Meet new Broncos QB Kyle Orton, party dude

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a fine orton pic.jpg
A photo of Kyle Orton from

Excited about the Broncos getting Chicago Bears underachiever Kyle Orton in trade for rocket-armed, soft-headed Jay Cutler? You'll be even more psyched after eyeballing some of the photos of Orton gettin' down with his bad self in the company of lovely ladies and/or bottles of demon alky-hol. How long before he makes headlines for falling down driveways, Brian Griese-style? Can't wait for that flashback...

The shot above comes courtesy of -- and offers plenty more in a similar vein. Click "Continue" to get an even better look at your kids' new idol.

wet shirt orton.jpg
Courtesy of
Get that man a bib.

dancin orton.jpg
Photo courtesy of
Mr. O looking for an open tight end.

orton montage.jpg
Photos courtesy of
A montage of Kyle Orton in action.

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