"Related stories" at DenverPost.com not always so related -- other than to monkey vasectomies

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monkey photo.jpg
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This little primate would like you to keep your mitts off his privates.

These days, every online news operation, including this one, is desperately searching for ways to increase its number of page views -- and one approach is to insert links to other stories on their respective sites. But an example of this phenomenon in today's Denver Post shows how absurd the method can be when taken to extremes. "RTD Chief Takes Hits," a report about the decision by transit boss Cal Marsella to "give up 3 percent of his 2009 salary and bonus increases to match the sacrifice borne by salaried employees and some RTD contractors," contains one link -- to the term "Amalgamated Transit Union." Press it and you'll be transported to a page labeled "Articles related to: Amalgamated Transit Union." Among them: "Husted: When Jewish Girls Are This Bad, They're Good," "Mike Rosen: Leave My Cellphone Alone" and, of course, "No More Monkey Business: Vasectomies for Primates."

Maybe if those monkeys formed a union, they could keep on doing their business however they'd like...

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