Swine-flu outbreak has Peter Boyles in verbal hog heaven

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Peter Boyles.

As even occasional listeners to KHOW's morning-drive program understand, host Peter Boyles is capable of using virtually any current event to argue in favor of stricter immigration policies -- and the public-health emergency regarding a possible swine flu epidemic in this country provides him with the simplest of transitions. The outbreak is centered in Mexico, and while officials such as Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano (whom Boyles refers to as "Mrs. Potato Head") are talking about greater scrutiny on air travelers and the like, they've been largely silent about the possible infection risk represented by illegal immigrants from that country. Not Boyles: This morning, he was in a lather about the "millions" of illegals who cross the U.S.-Mexico border every month -- and although his math is mighty debatable, he's actually got something resembling a point. Expect to hear the drumbeat on this subject get louder and louder in the coming days, with Boyles and others who hold such views pounding away with special fervor.

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