A spirited Mayoral proclamation

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Before the Nuggets-Lakers series began, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa put an unusual spin the typical sporting bet between city head honchos over playoff games.

If the Lakers lose, he promised to send Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper the Los Angeles Times to replace the Rocky Mountain News, which folded in February. If the Nuggets lose the series, however, he suggested that Hick send Los Angeles some snow -- something the drought-plagued seaside megalopolis could desperately use.

But, no matter what happens, the topical, often sports-related, and ever-changing marquis at the Wine Seller... and Spirits Too (600 East Sixth Avenue) has already pointed out one thing our mayor, the former owner of the Wynkoop Brewing Company, has over Villaraigosa and every other hizonner or heronner nationwide.

"Our mayor can out microbrew your mayor."

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