Vince McMahon takes on faux-Stan Kroenke's killer toupee

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mcmahon kroenke image.jpg
The McMahon-Kroenke smackdown -- captured in the "Raw."

True Nuggets fans didn't watch last night's edition of World Wrestling Entertainment's Raw, in which Nugs owner Stan Kroenke and the ballers on his payroll were spoofed by WWE's Vince McMahon and his unitard-clad minions -- an act of revenge/publicity stoking inspired by a Pepsi Center double-booking. We were too busy watching the real Nuggets thump the Los Angeles Lakers in game four of the Western Conference Finals. But judging by the Raw slideshow posted by Sports Illustrated, some decent yuks were had at the expense of the Nuggets and/or Kroenke's bad hair. Click here to view the carnage. And remember: The Nuggets won the contest that counted...

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