Anti-Gym's Michael Karolchyk on Fox News -- and at Goodwill

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Neil Cavuto quizzes Michael Karolchyk earlier this month.

Entrepreneur Michael Karolchyk's Anti-Gym, a fitness center he promoted via willfully offensive ads (get details in our 2008 profile, "No Chubbies? Fat Chance"), was shuttered earlier this year by the IRS -- but that hasn't stopped Mr. K from promoting himself via the discredited venue. Earlier this month, he got national face time courtesy of Fox News' Neil Cavuto, who interviewed the self-described "CEO of the Anti-Gym revolution" about the question of whether the U.S. government will appoint a "fat czar" to get the citizenry in shape. Either Cavuto didn't know about Karolchyk's fall from (dis)grace in these parts or didn't care.

Here, however, he's old news, as indicated by a "No Chubbies" t-shirt I stumbled across at a Littleton Goodwill store yesterday; it rocked the aforementioned slogan on the front, while the back juxtaposed "Vincent Van Gogh Vodka" with the phrase "HAVE SEX WITH THE LIGHTS ON." Apparently, booze helped make doing the latter pleasurable -- and it might ease Karolchyk's pain, too. After the jump, check out the shirt, which is marked at $1.99 -- a small price to pay if you'd like to attract ridicule from your friends and family.



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