Denver Post doesn't get Elway the dog's tombstone quite right

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I can't help feeling responsible for an error in Denver Post columnist Bill Husted's June 21 offering about the death of Elway, a legendary drug-sniffing police dog for the San Francisco Police Department. To accompany a June 10 blog about the pooch's demise, I created a faux-gravestone using a web application called Tombstone Generator. Give it a try; it's fun. Trouble is, Husted apparently assumed that my concoction was the real thing, writing: "Elway the Dog has a tombstone with the inscription: 'ELWAY, 1995-2009, MAY YOU FOREVER DRINK FROM YOUR OWN SUPER BOWL.'"

Frankly, I have no idea if the canine Elway even has a gravestone -- but if the SFPD is planning one, I'd be proud if they used mine as a model. That way, the Post would have no need to publish a correction.

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