Denver Post not exactly racing to correct Elway the dog tombstone gaffe

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faux elway tombstone.jpg
A bogus gravestone for Elway the dog made using the Tombstone Generator website.

Over the years, the Denver Post hasn't always displayed great enthusiasm for correcting mistakes -- and an item in a June 21 Bill Husted column suggests that the tradition continues. The piece stated that a drug-sniffing San Francisco police dog named Elway will rest eternally under a gravestone reading, "ELWAY, 1995-2009, MAY YOU FOREVER DRINK FROM YOUR OWN SUPER BOWL." Truth is, I wrote this epitaph for a June 10 blog about the drug-locating canine, using the website linked in the caption above, as I pointed out in an entry that went live yesterday morning. Today, however, there's still no change to the Husted column -- the assertion remains in place sans an editor's note about the screw-up -- and today's corrections page doesn't refer to it, either.

I would have thought the previous blog would have shamed the Post into quickly fessing up. But I stand corrected.

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