Remembering the way Hollywood remembers Alan Berg

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Twenty-five years ago today, KOA talk-show host Alan Berg was murdered in his driveway by members of a white-supremacist group called The Order -- and as the Denver Post points out in a front-page story today, the act feels all too resonant thanks to this month's slaying of a security guard at Washington D.C.'s Holocaust Memorial Museum by an elderly, gun-wielding anti-Semite.

Judging by the trailer on view above, 1988's Talk Radio, the 1988 Oliver Stone film inspired by Berg, isn't nearly as current. Based on a play by star Eric Bogosian and Stephen Singular's book Talked to Death: The Life and Murder of Alan Berg, the movie features Alec Baldwin a good many suit sizes ago, as well as a pre-Scrubs John McGinley, as employees at a radio station that smacks of opulence and prosperity -- a golden era compared to the tough times being experienced by the industry today. Look back by clicking above.

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