The Boulder Chamber of Commerce owes a thank-you to Jessica Biel

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jessica biel on gotham cover.JPG
Jessica Biel shows off some of her Boulder-bred landscape on the cover of "Gotham."

Jessica Biel, who was reared in Boulder (heh-heh -- I wrote "reared" and "Jessica Biel" in the same sentence), is currently starring in Easy Virtue, a Noel Coward adaptation by director Stephan Elliott and screenwriter Sheridan Jobbins, who recently sat down with Westword for an extended Q&A. And as part of her publicity whirlwind, she shared her thoughts, and her feminine pulchritude, with the folks at Gotham magazine. In the resulting cover story for the July issue, dubbed "The Biel Deal," she described her formative years spent in the shadow of the Flatirons like so: "It was a blast. Pretty much all about sports and hanging out with my friends and being outside and snowboarding and skiing. We spent a lot of time outside, just messing around, hiking, mountain biking -- everything."

Expect to see these comments in a Boulder tourism brochure in the very near future.

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