The naked truth about former gay-porn star Timothy Boham, currently on trial for murder

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a marcus allen shot.jpg
Tim Boham, during the days when he performed under the pseudonym Marcus Allen.

To put it mildly, Timothy Boham, now on trial for the 2006 murder of a Denver businessman in a botched robbery, has a more colorful background than the average slaying suspect. During the first half of this decade, operating under the pseudonym Marcus Allen (wonder how the former Raiders standout of the same name feels about that?), he was a cover boy for such gay-oriented mags as Freshmen and Mandate, and appeared in a number of ultra-explicit films, including Chi Chi LaRue's Never Been Touched. The photo seen here is among the more subtle and chaste of those included in a full-frontal gallery of Boham beefcake shots linked on a Wikipedia page about him. The various images display a very big part of Boham/Allen's appeal, if you get my meaning (and I know you do). As for his face, it's handsome in an innocent-looking way -- but prosecutors aim to prove that it's actually the mask of a killer.

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