What Aaron Harber did on his spring vacation

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aaron harber and david gregory.JPG
Aaron Harber and David Gregory.

Aaron Harber recently returned from a trip to Princeton University, his alma mater, where he hobnobbed with folks who will or may turn up as future guests on his signature Channel 12 program. In addition to taping shows featuring former U.S. Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach, ex-Federal Reserve Bank vice chairman Alan Blinder and Princeton president Shirley Tilghman, he managed to obtain pledges to appear down the line from a slew of others, including Meet the Press host David Gregory, on view above, and the folks seen in images after the jump: former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker, who's now the chair of President Barack Obama's Economic Recovery Advistory Board; ABC scold John Stossel and Beth Wilkinson, an attorney who was among the lead prosecutors in the Timothy McVeigh-Oklahoma City bombing trial.

Smile: You're on Harber's camera.

aa r on harber and paul volcker.JPG
Harber with Paul Volcker.

aaron harber and john stossel.JPG
Harber with John Stossel.

aaron harber and beth wilkinson.JPG
Harber with Beth Wilkinson.

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