A note to "rug-wearing kiddie-porn aficionado" Vance Fulkerson from the Whup-Ass Master

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vance fulkersons mug shot.jpg
Former UNC theater professor Vance Fulkerson's mug shot.

Since news broke about the arrest of former University of Northern Colorado theater professor Vance Fulkerson, who's been charged with sexual exploitation of children in relation to a video system set up in his bathroom, plenty of alumni have stepped up to share their experiences. However, no account I've stumbled upon thus far is as vivid as one provided by a writer who refers to himself the Whup-Ass Master on his Can O' Whup-Ass blog. A piece entitled "A Note to Vance Fulkerson, Rug-Wearing Kiddie Porn Aficinado" asserts that the recent behavior the prof allegedly practiced was nothing new. "Wasn't it cool how you used to spy on us in the men's room on the lower level of the theatre building?" he asks. "We remember that stuff, too! Ah, memories."

Read about more creepy reminiscences by clicking here.

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