Michael Jackson's death helping Denver's economy, too

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british airways.jpg
Next stop, Jacko.

Although Denver billionaire Phil Anschutz may not be adding to his bankroll as a result of Michael Jackson's death, folks associated with Denver International Airport stand to make a few extra bucks. A report posted on the U.K.-based Cheapflights website notes that so many Brits are flying to L.A. for Jackson's memorial service today that they've had to make stops at airports outside Southern California en route. Here's the piece's key passage:

Entertainment website, which first broke the news of Jacko's death, described the situation as a "British invasion," with flights to L.A., San Francisco and Denver all fully booked.

No telling how said superfans will get from DIA to Staples Center -- but here's hoping some lucky cabbies make enough on fares to send all their kids to college.

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