Six years after being named top party school, CU Boulder doesn't crack top ten

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"I'm so wasted! Not as wasted as the kids at Wisconsin, but still ..."
Important, breaking story today from the Associated Press, assuming you either have a college-bound child and want to know where not send him, or you are a college-bound child and want to know where to go: The University of Colorado at Boulder remains outside of the top ten in the Princeton Review's annual ranking of America's biggest collegiate shit-shows, despite the efforts of 3OH!3.

Fraternity brothers in Boulder were expected to mourn the announcement by getting a little more shit-faced than the frat guys at Iowa (12) but slightly less fucked up than the floppy-haired drunks at UC Santa Barbara (10).

Just six years ago, in 2003, Boulder earned the label of America's Top Party School. But recent editions have seen the school slip down the rankings. Penn State earned the top honor this year, which makes way more sense, really, since what the hell else are you supposed to do in Happy Valley besides get hammered and argue about whether JoePa will retire from coaching before or after he dies?

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