The blog shortcut, July 30 edition

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Beads? Shit, those are pearls. Pearls and gold, and I painted them rainbow colors because I can.

Since when does July transition straight into mid-September?

Today in The Latest Word:
-Here's your daily installment of the Adventures of Jared Polis.
-Singalong with former CU football player.
-Denver: We're list-tastic!
-Things are getting exciting in the buyout of Frontier.
-Jay Cutler is a p***y. I mean a pussy.

Today in Cafe Society:
-Beer advice from us to the White House.
-Double your Jamba Juice pleasure.
-Smashburger heads to Chicago.
-Chocolate covered bacon. Yep.

Today in Backbeat Online:
-Black Francis at the Walnut Room.
-Distrakt has a history lesson.
-More Black Francis tonight!
-Rocky Mountain Low listening party.

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