CU Obama basher Zach Lahn gets shut down on MSNBC

zach on msnbc.JPG
Zach Lahn on MSNBC.
Since asking the most confrontational question at President Barack Obama's healthcare town hall in Grand Junction on Saturday, ultra-conservative CU student Zach Lahn has extended his face time by going on a tour of cable-news talking-head broadcasts. Predictably, Fox News did its best to turn him into a right-wing folk hero. But the ride was bumpier on MSNBC, where host Contessa Brewer interrupted the talking points he was able to voice more fully during a chat with CNN's Wolf Blitzer before easily disputed his contradictory logic. Then, when he asked if he could make one more point, she said a word seldom heard on programs like this one: "No." Somewhere, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow are cheering -- and Sean Hannity is bitching about left-wing media bias.

Check out both the MSNBC and CNN footage by clicking "Continue."

The MSNBC appearance:

The CNN appearance:

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