Headlines with a keen grasp of the obvious

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Today's Denver Post includes an article topped by the banner "Businesses Like Their Tax Breaks" -- a revelation that few observers would have guessed (unless they were awake and paying attention). Here are ten other similarly shocking headlines:

10. "Most Men Find Angelina Jolie Attractive"

9. "Rush Limbaugh Not Expected to Vote for Obama in 2012"

8. "Getting Punched in the Face Hurts"

7. "There's a Moon in the Sky Called the Moon" (Thanks, B-52's.)

6. "Keith Olbermann Probably Will Vote for Obama in 2012"

5. "Beyoncé Also Thought To Be Quite Good Looking"

4. "Getting Kicked in the Groin Really Hurts"

3. "It's Fun to Spend Money"

2. "Jon and Kate No Longer Sleeping Together"

1. "Stoners Like Weed"

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