Kenny Be's 2008 DNC Dream Days: One Year Later

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Remember those five dreamy days last August when the 2008 Democratic National Convention made every Denver moment seem like magic? It's all such a daze. My, how things have changed....

DNC Daze Journalist Final.jpg
2008 DNC Dream Daze: With 15,000 members of the media in town, journalists could be seen standing every ten feet along the 16th Street Mall, recording every sight and sound for posterity and/or ridicule.

DNC Daze Journalists Now2.jpg
One Year Later: Due to layoffs, buyouts and closures, nearly 26,000 journalism jobs have been lost since August of 2008. Now, journalists are more likely found standing in lines at job fairs.


DNC Daze Three's Company.jpg
2008 DNC Dream Daze: Glenn Spagnuolo invited Medea Benjamin and Cidy Sheehan to protest with Re-create '68!

One Year Later: Glenn has developed a DNC memoir, a comedy of errors that chronicles the escapades of the trio's misunderstandings, social lives and struggles to keep up with the rent while putting down "the man."


DNC Daze Energy Drinks.jpg
2008 DNC Dream Daze: Dozens of plastic piss-filled jugs, believed to be the projectiles that protesters would throw at police, were found in an abandoned home in Aurora.

One Year Later: All of the jugs were purchased and removed by a local energy drink manufacturer.


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