Channel 31's actually proud of skankalicious anchor photos

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natalie and libby slideshow shot.jpg
A photo from the Denver Magazine shoot featuring Natalie Tysdal, Libby Weaver and their bodacious ta-tas.
So, you were thinking: Maybe execs at Channel 31 didn't know that anchors Natalie Tysdal and Libby Weaver would pose for the September cover of Denver Magazine looking like Penthouse playmates eager to lubricate each others' happy places. Perhaps the two news hotties went rogue, keeping their superiors out of the loop until the cheesecake pose was already in print. But no: The station seems thrilled by the sessions, even posting a slide show of behind-the-scenes images on its website. Unfortunately, though, none of the shots capture any steamy girl-on-girl action. They're probably saving that stuff for sweeps.

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