Some things Barack Obama should check out in Grand Junction when not being screamed at by lunatics

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colo national monument.jpg
A Flickr photo
The Colorado National Monument.
Tomorrow, President Barack Obama will visit Grand Junction for his next healthcare town hall, where he'll likely encounter folks like the ones in the video accessible here, caught in action during a GJ rally in late July. (Really dug the sign that read, "D.N.C. Lies: Grandma Dies.") But in the unlikely event he has any free time, he should check out some highlights from in and around the community, my hometown. Obviously, the Colorado National Monument, seen above, is a must, as are the four other proposed stops on view after the jump.

dinosaur journey.JPG
The Dinosaur Journey museum will be a big hit with the kids -- particularly the robotic dinosaurs. Be careful: They spit.

downtown gj.jpg
Downtown Grand Junction is a little slice of the 1950s updated with sculptures by a wide range of artisans.

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