Suspicions confirmed: The Pole is now The Truth

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Mancow on Fox News -- which may give you an idea where he's coming from, ideologically speaking.
Yikes. Shortly after 4 p.m., smack in the middle of Queen's "Bicycle Race," the voice of Erich "Mancow" Muller, host of The Mancow Show, a nationally syndicated repository of far-right loonbaggery, popped up on 101.5 FM, which has been known as The Pole, aka "Stripper Radio," since dumping the acclaimed Indie 101.5 format last week. (This blog from earlier today should get you up to speed.) Mancow's question: "Did you really think we were serious?"

Errrr, no -- but Max Media, the owner of 101.5, is actually serious about FM-talk radio. Hence, the transition from The Pole to The Truth, which will feature such ultra-conservatives as Michael Savage, whose program is airing at this writing, Rusty Humphries and Phil Valentine, in addition to Phil Hendrie, whose program is less easy to pigeonhole (and about as entertaining to hear). This lineup could make The Truth the single most irritating spot on the Denver dial no matter one's ideological slant, in part because localism doesn't seem to be part of the mix.

Welcome to the brave new radio world. If we asked nicely, would you please bring back the stripper music?

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