The blog shortcut, August 5 edition

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breathe boys.jpg
The Breathe boys.
Who's gonna clean up this mess?

Today in Backbeat Online:
Q&A with Kyle Evans of Breathe Carolina.
Q&A with Krispy Kream of the Knux.
Tip sheet: Meet Shel, our new favorite band.
A first look at Pictureplane's new video.
MP3 Freeloader: Joy Subtraction.

Today in Cafe Society:
Thanks to the Rockies' runs, Taco Bell is turning our four tacos for a dollar.
Our Weekly Bread: Duffeyroll Cafe.
Guess what -- and where -- I'm eating?
Chef and Tell: Matt Selby.
Beers and Brewhahas: Brandon Marshall vs. Josh McDaniels.
Mulberries Cake Shop makes a sweet move.
Charlie Master is moving on.

Today in The Latest Word:
The Colorado Rockies: Winning gets you laid.
No more trashing bicyclists, rednecks.
Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario: Back-to-school shopping at the Mall of MUFON.
A disturbing MySpace tribute to Angie Zapata's killer.
Video: Westword writer takes a beating from police nunchaku. Don't tell Sonia Sotomayor! She'll get all Bruce Lee on your ass.

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