The blog shortcut, August 31 edition

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chinese buns photo.jpg
Those are some nice looking Chinese buns.
Time to put on the feed bag.

Today in Cafe Society:
Ask the Critic: What is Denver's food scene missing?
India's reopens in Tiffany Plaza.
Milking It: Corn Flakes Touch of Honey/Toque de Miel.
Tonight: It's all about wine and chocolate.
Talkin' 'bout food, booze and music with David Scott of NEWSPEAK.

Today in Backbeat Online:
Over the Weekend: Ian Cooke Band, Alan Alda and Tauntaun at the Bluebird.
Over the Weekend: Kissing Party at the Hi-Dive.
Over the Weekend: Pictureplane at Rhinoceropolis.
Over the Weekend: Slight Harp w/Black Magicians From the Mountains of Mars and Pink Hawks at the Glob.
A First Look at the Northern Way's "Crazy" video.

Today in The Latest Word:
Scott McInnis' latest two mistakes.
Is Jay Cutler that good? Or are the Broncos that bad?
Lesson to puppy thieves: Never steal anything adorable.
Liberal authors offer prize even birthers can love.
Today's featured event: Margs and loteria at Lime XS. They've got our number.

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