Ten audacious Denver lofts I would totally rent if I were a drug dealer

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... Or a personal-injury lawyer, or a stripper, or the doer of some other job that paid me lots of money and required me to live in an audacious downtown loft. The point is, there are lots of vacant apartments around town, according to a story this week in the Denver Post, and I want to live in one of the super gaudy ones. Here are ten of my favorite.

Scarface posters not included.

SugarCube Residences, 1555 Blake Street, $1,800 to $8,000 per month

I'm thinking this particular unit is closer to the $8,000 figure, but worth it, of course, for a concierge, Italian cabinetry, and enough space for you and all your pretentious friends.

2680 Blake Street, $3,800

2680 Blake Street.jpg
Doesn't seem worth four grand a month, but keep in mind that you could throw a baseball and hit Dexter Fowler in the back of the head.

One Lincoln Park, 2001 Lincoln Avenue, $3,350

one lincoln park.jpg
Two bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths, and more direct sunshine than the end of an Entourage episode.

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