Death-defying repair work at Denver Art Museum

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another shot of men on roof seen from distance.jpg
Photo by Michael Roberts
Careful, guys. It's not a thrill ride.

The Denver Art Museum, designed by Daniel Libeskind, is an architecturally striking building on any day. But lately, it's been even more eye-catching than usual due to a noteworthy visual element: crews of repairmen walking gingerly on its radically slanted roof in order to avoid shooting off the edge and creating a Jackson Pollock-like splatter piece on the sidewalk below.

Since March, DAM has featured a display Westword's Jared Jacang Maher dubbed "Giant Scaffolding to Repair Piece of Shit Leaky Roof" in an earlier post. But the presence of crews clinging to the structure like Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible III adds an element of risk that lifts the display to another level. It's proof that art can be dangerous.

Look below to see more photos of this DAM exciting exhibition.

really long shot of men on roof.jpg
Photo by Michael Roberts
As seen from the lawn across from the museum.

men crawling crane visible.jpg
Photo by Michael Roberts
Another slant on things, with a crane in the foreground.

men on roof seen from distance.jpg
Photo by Michael Roberts
If you take a break, make it for coffee, not your neck.

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That is definitely a big project and very high up there. But everyone is tethered down to the structure with proper harnesses. According to College Station roofing experts, these safety harnesses are a legal requirement for work like this. Better safe than sorry!

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