Deuce's Kellie MacMullan has a brain -- some-where?

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kellie with the flobots.jpg
Kellie MacMullan, at a bowling event wih the Flobots, proves she's got balls.
Ever since News on the Deuce debuted in late March, local viewers have known they're likely to see something unintentionally funny (or at least uncomfortably lame) within seconds of tuning in. But few moments have been as teeth-grindingly hilarious as one that occurred on last night's broadcast. Infotainment reporter Chris Parente was at the news bar, narrating a recent conversation with Elijah Wood, who does voicework in the forthcoming animated movie 9 -- and along the way, Wood noted that he's been listening to a lot of music by the Beatles, whose albums have just been given the digital-remastering treatment. At the end of this footage, Parente turned to anchor Kellie MacMullan, who the station has worked overtime to portray as musically hip (see the photo above), and asked, "Favorite Beatles song?" MacMullan responded with a look of profound discomfort before tentatively answering, "'Some--where?'" A beat later, she added, "Is that what it's called?"

Er, no: It's called "Something." As in what MacMullan doesn't know anything about.

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