Meanings of banned jelly bracelets: Is silver a hand job, fisting or outdoor sex?

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Here's a girl who's ready for just about anything.
The principal at Lafayette's Angevine Middle School has reportedly asked parents to urge their kids not to wear colored jelly bracelets to class -- and those who do will be asked to remove them. The reason: The colors are said to denote assorted sex acts, and if they break, the wearer is supposed to perform them on the lucky snapper. But what means what? The Urban Dictionary passes along plenty of contradictory information on its jelly bracelet pages. One list says a gray or silver jelly stands for "a hand job," another insists that it's "fisting," and a third argues that it's "outdoor sex." Likewise, there's disagreement about whether pink calls for a French kiss, cunninlingus or my personal favorite, "flash tits or pinus." I'm not sure if I have the latter; I plan to consult a medical text.

The list below falls short of definitive, but it's one of the longest, which has got to count for something. Warning to my wife: I'm in a clear blue mood tonight.

Black -- sexual intercourse

Blue -- blow job (alternate meaning: lap dance)

Green -- cunnilingus (alternate meaning: outdoor sex, hug)

Clear -- whatever you want (alternate meaning: hug)

Orange -- kiss

Yellow -- hug

Red -- lap dance

Purple -- anal sex

Silver -- fisting

White -- flash your tits

Pink -- flashing

Gold glitter -- make out

Brown -- toss my salad, i.e., analingus

Glow in the dark -- using sex toys

glittery yellow -- hugging & kissing

glittery green -- 69

glittery purple -- French

glittery orange -- kiss

Indigo -- Hand-job with blowjob

Clear Gold with glitter -- fingering

Clear blue -- All of everything

Clear Pink -- Its the girls choice

Clear Green -- All Anal

Glow in the dark pink -- female sex toys

Glow in the dark blue -- boy sex toys

Glow in the dark green -- Sex with porn

light blue -- masturbate

gold -- suck on any part of body

gray (silver) -- flash

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Most of them are right. But it should be red- outdoor sex, light blue- blow job, white- everything, light blue- underwater blow job. THEN how it was back in the day, was if someone broke your bracelet. They would HAVE to do it with you, or it would cause you to have 5 or 6 years of bad luck. But, that's how it used to be.


"pinus" .... really? Well... as long as it's flashing species of pine, and not your PENIS... no problem!

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