The 31 busted suspects among Denver's fifty most wanted, part two

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a 27 captured christopher bates.jpg
Christopher Bates had a date with the law.
A major bite has been taken from the list of the fifty most wanted suspects in and around Denver that the Denver Police Department and other nearby agencies put together in March. In the succeeding six months, 31 have been taken into custody. To see the nineteen who've thus far dodged the law's long arm, click here. As for those on the roster's first half to have been caught, they're at this address. Photos of Christopher Bates, seen here, and the rest, along with descriptions of the accusations made against them earlier in the year, can be seen below; they fill several cyber pages. Just because they didn't make the top 25 doesn't mean cops were any less pleased to greet them.

27 captured christopher bates.jpg

28 captured john salazar.jpg

29 captured frederick bauer.jpg

30 captured gerald a kirby.jpg

31 captured michael clinkenbeard.jpg

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