Colorado tax credit means a $42,000 discount on a new Tesla: Where's my wallet?

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It doesn't really look like the sort of car the government would throw money at you to buy. Those, we always assumed, were the sort of cars that would fit in your freezer.

But apparently, a state tax credit would indeed allow Colorado residents to buy the new Tesla Roadster -- an electric sports car that does zero to sixty MPH in 3.7 seconds -- for almost 40 percent off the sticker price.


The measure gives Colorado residents a credit on their 2009 income tax for up to 85 percent of the difference between the price of certain alternative-fueled vehicles and the price of an equivalent vehicle running on liquid fuel.

In the case of the 2009 Tesla Roadster, the tax credit is $42,083. Which translates to a healthy 38.6 percent discount on a brand-new Tesla.

(That's better than the best incentive you could get on some deeply undesirable model from the most desperate dealer in the country.)

That's right: The Tesla Roadster is $109,000, and your state government really, really wants you to buy one. Interested? You're in luck! Tesla's opening a new show room in -- where else? -- Boulder.

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