Fox fans: Can you tell the difference between Kathy Lee's boob- and butt-cleavage?

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boob or butt cleavage 1.jpg
Click to enlarge -- without surgery!
And now, for a question that hasn't really puzzled anyone as far as we can tell but is pretty funny nonetheless: Can you tell the difference between photos of 103.5/The Fox personality Kathy Lee's boob cleavage and butt cleavage. This is the challenge jocks Rick Lewis and Michael Floorwax have placed before their listeners this morning, with their web page allowing visitors to vote for which is which. Seems pretty obvious to me: The shot above is boobage, while the one on view below is buttage. Then again, maybe L&F forced Ms. Lee to undergo painful boob-for-butt-swapping surgery before launching the contest, to make it that much more difficult. Or would that be too ass-backwards?

boob or butt cleavage 2.jpg
Butt or boob? It takes a lot of cheek to ask that question...

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