Our five best guesses about what those Northwest pilots were doing on their laptops as they drifted over Denver

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Up, up and away -- but where to?

The latest story from those Northwest Airlines pilots who missed their Minneapolis-St. Paul destination by a mere 150 miles last week: As they flew over Denver, they started fiddling with their laptops and kinda/sorta lost track of time. Which is understandable considering all the great ways the Internet provides to waste hours of your life. Here are five sites so entrancingly odd that it'd be easy to soar across half a continent without realizing it:

5. Garfield Minus Garfield. Yes, it's true: The main reason that Jim Davis' "Garfield" strip isn't funny anymore is because... Garfield is in it. Subtract him and the results are a lot more addictive than lasagna.

garfield minus garfield.JPG

4. Pets in Clothes. Is there anything more adorable than pets wearing clothing? Frankly, yes -- lots of things. But few are stranger or more disturbing. Just try to look away from photos like this one, labeled "Blond Hair Princess!!!" Those three exclamation points speak volumes.

pets in clothes blonde hair princess.JPG

3. Sexy People. True, most of the people on Sexy People aren't all that sexy. In fact, they're pretty much the opposite of sexy, if the opposite of sexiness is awkwardness -- which, in my experience it is. But just try to look away.

kathy and mike photo.JPG

2. Falling Sand. An interactive game involving multiple streams of multi-colored graphics that don't really look all that much like sand. But c'mon: Use your imagination!

falling sand.JPG

1. Safety Graphic Fun.
Obviously, the men flying for Northwest recognize that safety is job one. So it makes perfect sense that they might be perusing unusual signs meant to protect the citizenry at large as they weren't paying attention to what they were doing.

safety graphic fun.jpg

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