Rick Reilly's Capitol tongue-bathing: Arousing!

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close up reilly licks.jpg
Rick Reilly laps it up.
On Monday, we told ou about ESPN columnist Rick Reilly's April promise to "tongue-bathe the Capitol dome if the Rockies make the playoffs" -- and his subsequent vow to make good on this lost bet. He proved as good as his (second) word yesterday, gamely lapping the golden cap in the presence of Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, who knows a good photo opportunity when he sees one. Granted, Reilly could have lingered longer: Here's hoping that when he's licking other domes during those special, private moments, he's not in such a hurry to move on. But at least he had a good line ready after he finished. According to him, the Capitol "tasted like crow."

Look below for more photos of Reilly's excursion into French eroticism and exterior building cleanup, courtesy of KOA radio.

reilly pre lick.jpg
Reilly warms up his tongue by yapping with the media.

reilly and ritter shake.jpg
Reilly and Ritter glad-hand before Reilly glad-tongues.

long shot reilly licks.jpg
What Reilly's tongueing looked like from a distance. The dome seems to be enjoying it.

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