Rockies get best of Holliday trade (last night, anyway)

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street walks off.JPG
Huston Street heads toward his teammates after finishing off the Phils last night.

Even after the Wacky Wednesday loss in game one of their playoff series against the Philllies, the Rockies still had a chance to regain home-field advantage -- and they managed to do so with a little help from a pair of players obtained in the trade that sent Matt Holliday to the also-ran Oakland A's. Carlos Gonzalez went three-for-five and scored the game's ever-important first run, while closer Huston Street helped record the final outs (albeit after opening the door much wider than he should have). Meanwhile, Holliday bobbled a routine fly ball in the ninth, committing an error that led directly to the L.A. Dodgers taking a 2-0 lead over his current squad, the St. Louis Cardinals.

Yeah, we miss Holliday, and wish he was part of the Rockies' success this season. But what initially looked like a terrible deal for Colorado has turned out to be much closer to a wash than anyone imagined. And last night, it was a lot better than that.

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