Boulder DA Stan Garnett goes from the Naked Pumpkin Run to Balloon Boy

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With the Naked Pumpkin Run over, Stan Garnett has a new focus: Balloon Boy.
Just because this year's Naked Pumpkin Run has come and gone without mass arrests doesn't mean Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett is done with high-profile cases for a day or two. He's been appointed a special prosecutor to look into claims by attorney David Lane that Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden broke the law when he spoke publicly about a child-abuse investigation focusing on Richard and Mayumi Heene, parents of Falcon Heene, known across the planet as Balloon Boy.

"There's no deadline" on a decision about whether to clear Alderden, or push for charges, Garnett says, "but obviously, it's in nobody's interest to let it linger." As for when he might make his views known, "I think my press person's been saying a couple of weeks. But I'd like it to be sooner than that."

That way, maybe he can get back to less controversial matters. Oh, wait: He's dealing with medical marijuana, too...

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