Buffs win only delays the inevitable for Dan Hawkins

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The seat under Dan Hawkins is less hot than it was -- but not by much.
Something unusual happened at Folsom Field on Saturday: CU actually won a game against a decent opponent, narrowly besting Texas A&M 35-34. In doing so, the Buffs actually racked up some impressive offensive stats, with quarterback Tyler Hansen's production essentially posing the question, "Cody who?" And at this point, even coach Dan Hawkins (Cody's dad) is probably fine with that.

Not that the victory means much in the overall scheme of things. At 3-6, the team needs nothing short of a miracle finish to become bowl eligible -- and while a victory against Iowa State next week is hardly beyond the realm of possibility, there's no guarantee the Buffs will show up two weeks in a row. (Remember what happened the week after their Kansas win? Wish I didn't.) Moreover, their schedule ends with contests against Oklahoma State and Nebraska, neither of which seem likely to cooperate by falling apart. And there's no way in hell CU's administration can justify keeping Hawkins around with a sub-.500 record and little hope for a huge improvement in 2010, no matter how good a game he talks.

Clearly, the current players have affection for Hawkins. That accounts for Saturday's rally-the-troops atmosphere. But it's too little too late, even if the Iowa State Cyclones surrender to the Hawk.

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