Can't tell the players without the updated medical-marijuana scorecard

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Breckenridge may decriminalize marijuana today, but the town is regulating dispensaries.
Although the state of Colorado is currently grappling with medical marijuana, as exemplified by the Colorado Board of Health's "Emergency Rulemaking Hearing" slated for later this morning (expect Sensible Colorado supporters to show up in force), local governments are on the front lines of the issue. And a new report by the Colorado Municipal League, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that represents 262 cities and towns here, provides an intriguing snapshot about who's currently doing what, and where.

CML sent out a survey on the medical-marijuana topic, and according to spokesperson Lisa White, corresponding by e-mail, 95 municipalities responded. Of those, she notes, "45 have received applications from a medical-marijuana dispensary, 26 have adopted a moratorium to study ways for the community to address medical marijuana, and 27 have either already or are considering regulating medical-marijuana dispensaries." In addition, she goes on, "15 of the 95 municipalities responding to the survey do not allow medical-marijuana dispensaries to operate in their community."

Read an overview of CML's findings by clicking -- and here's where to access a spreadsheet spelling out the dispensary approach from Alamosa to Winter Park. At least the one they're using today.

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