Check out photos of the kinda/sorta Halloween Boulder Mall Crawl and Naked Pumpkin Run

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mall crawl prostheses.jpg
As photog Alan O'Hashi writes, "These are the most daring Naked Pumpkin runners -- they created lawful prosthetic devices to emulate nudity."
Looks like the Boulder Police Department largely succeeded at preventing a full-scale revival of the Boulder Mall Crawl and throwing a towel over the annual Naked Pumpkin Run. BPD reps haven't returned multiple interview requests this morning -- but in the wee hours of November 1, the department issued a press release boasting that a crowd estimated at 4,000 had been generally well-behaved, leading to no major disturbances.

Jonathan Sackheim, one of the two men behind an aborted Facebook campaign to kickstart the Mall Crawl, seems pleased as well. He hasn't responded to interview requests, either, but on the aforementioned Facebook page, now dubbed "Don't Taze Me, Br09," he writes, "Halloween night on Pearl St. was a big, fat, fantastic success. Life is good and see you again next year."

The photos on the page certainly look as if everyone had a great time. Check out some highlights below:

the crowd by jonathan sackheim.jpg
A crowd shot credit to Jonathan Sackheim.

these guys were passing out flyers titled this is what a police state looks like subvert police authority.jpg
Another Sackheim shot. His caption reads, "These guys were passing out flyers titled 'This is what a police state looks like. Subvert police authority.'"

zombie cop with costumed woman.jpg
Zombie cops are nice, at least. Photo by Jonathan Sackheim.

valerie soraci mitchell photo of censored runner.jpg
Censorship lives in Boulder (photo uploaded by Valerie Soraci Mitchell).

not actually the boulder police.jpg
Not actually a member of the Boulder Police Department. Impersonator!

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