Denver Blogs: A salute to the Broncos' Peyton Hillis

peyton hillis.JPG
Peyton's place has been on the bench lately. But should it be?
A trifecta of local blogs worth eyeballing.

Kyle at Bronco Talk thinks Peyton Hillis may be the cure the ailing Broncos running game needs. Watch your back, Knowshon.

What's the best thing about Colorado being number eleven in foreclosure activity among states nationally? As 5280's Michael de Yoanna points out, it's the first time since March we haven't been in the top ten. Missed it by that much (H/T Northern Colorado Business Report).

The Colorado Independent's David O. Williams reports that a tentative drilling plan in Battlement Mesa would allow "oil and gas rigs sited within 400 feet of homes." Don't you love the smell of Texas tea in the morning?

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