Jay Cutler's five interceptions turn him into a national punchline

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jay cutler done up right.jpg
This may be the uniform Jay Cutler will be wearing if he keeps playing like he did last night.
It was just last week that we were talking about how overrated Jay Cutler is. But even we never imagined that he'd offer up a performance as embarrassing as the one the nation saw last night in the Chicago Bears' 10-6 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. Sweet Baby Jay threw five interceptions, instantly transforming him from Chicago's great QB hope to a complete joke.

Examples abounded during AllNight on ESPN Radio, with host Jason Smith reading a number of hilarious snaps from listeners. If Cutler was a waiter, said one, he'd deliver your dinner to the wrong table. Another noted that Bears coach Lovie Smith had managed to turn Cutler into Rex Grossman in record time -- a shot that was unfair to Grossman, Smith snickered. A third said Cutler should become the spokesman for a long-running promotion at Arby's: Pick 5.

Woody Paige may be trying to hype a quarterback controversy in Denver. But even after the past two painful losses, Kyle Orton looks pretty good compared to Cutler. Who's suddenly become a laughing matter.

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